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The Xtended Reality Leadership for Xtra-ordinary Leaders (XRL) project is focused on preparing new leaders for leadership in the 21st Century by developing high quality leadership competences and skills in improving productivity, integrated technology innovation, globalisation, inclusive leadership, responsible leadership and core leadership skills.

The project seeks to promote the adoption of ‘new innovative practices in a digital era’ by blending the use of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), face to face discussions and innovative pedagogies in order to provide a new brand new digitally enhanced approach to leadership training.

This innovative new multiplayer (2-4 players) blended AR/ VR package will include:

1. A virtual facilitator (to be played on a tablet/ mobile phone) which introduces activities, facilitates, debriefs and provides AR interactions.


2. An interactive downloadable map that will be used for AR related tasks.


3. A series of short VR challenges/ missions in which the players get to practice leadership skills: These will last approximately 5 minutes each and will draw upon the unique experiential and immersive capabilities of VR.


4. Debrief sessions: In between the activities there will be time for discussion with the group of players to discuss their approach and key learning points they can apply in a workplace setting. This is facilitated through questions on the App.



XRL concept.png