An Introduction to Inclusive Leadership AR/VR workshop


The XRL AR/VR workshop is a multi-user learning experience delivered through a ‘virtual facilitation interface’. It combines a range of group collaboration and discussion activities, VR and AR learning simulations and can be delivered remotely.

The workshop consists of a series of activity sessions that can be accessed as a complete workshop or as individual learning sessions over a period of time.

The workshops have been designed for between 2- 4 participants per workshop group and can be used with or without a training facilitator. If there is no training facilitator then one of the group members will be nominated to control the workshop (e.g. controlling when the group is ready to move to the next section or session, setting the timer etc.)
Participants will be required to have a tablet, a smart phone and cardboard VR headset (with electromagnetic button). 

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Target Audiences

Vocational training providers and their students, training managers, colleges/ universities, independent trainers/ private training companies providing introductory leadership training, small through to large businesses and those providing leadership training to those new to leadership roles.

Workshop Sessions

1. Introduction
1.1 workshop Introduction and Icebreaker (5 mins)
1.2 Inclusive Leadership (15 mins)

2. Leadership Styles
2.1 Introduction to Leadership Styles (10 mins)

3. Awareness of Bias
3.1 Implicit & Explicit Bias and Virtual Tag game (40 mins)

4. Curiosity About Others and Empathy
4.1 AR Another Way of Seeing (20 mins)

5. Collaboration
5.1 VR Mission Volcano Rescue (30 mins- 1 hour)

6. Evaluation
6.1 Evaluation & Next Steps (10 mins)


How does it work?

Workshops can be set up by an educator or trainer or by a group participant, they will be the ‘Workshop Facilitator’.


The Workshop Facilitator will set up an online meeting with their group so the group can work and communicate together.


Participants will download a ‘Virtual Facilitator’ to a tablet and an AR and VR app to their phone.

Participants will create a simple profile and login details to enable them to access workshop sessions. Group information/ logins will be stored on the platform.


The group can then begin the workshop.

Workshop Delivery Requirements

Number of students per workshop

2-4 participants + facilitator (optional)
Note: For larger groups multiple workshops could be delivered.

Equipment Required

  • Online meeting tool e.g. Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams.


Each participant will need:

  • Tablet with connection to the internet.

  • A smart phone

  • Cardboard VR headset with electromagnetic button.

  • Speakers or headphones

  • QR code scanner

Option 1- Simple Version (English)

Simple Version.png

This version can be opened using any device.

Simply arrange an online meeting, share your screen and work through the workshop together with your group.

QR Code are included on the screens for participants to access the AR and VR elements.

Option 2- App Version (with translations)

Coming soon

Facilitation Guide Image.png

Download The Set Up & Facilitation Guide

Step 1


Step 3


Set up your workshop and register your group members

Download the AR & VR Apps to your mobile phone

Download the Virtual Facilitator to your tablet

Step 2


xrl ar app.png
xrl vr.png

Images of the VR Mission- Volcano Rescue