Exploring Cultural Dimensions in a Leadership Context: 
The League of Islands

AR Activity


Designed as an informal f2f activity for four or more students and a facilitator. This complements the XRL workshop for those able to meet in a f2f setting.

This activity can also be done remotely by using an online meeting tool and sharing your screen.

AR Map-English.png

Aims & Objectives:


  • The aim of this activity is to briefly explore the Hofstede model of national culture and gain an appreciation that people from different cultures may intrinsically value things differently to you and why this may be.

  • The group will explore cultural differences on 4 fictional islands and discover different leadership challenges when it comes to leading people from different cultures.

  • Using the information provided the group will discuss and agree ideas on how the leadership challenges presented could be overcome.

How does it work?


Facilitators should download and print a copy of the map, ideally A3 size. Alternatively set up an online meeting and share your screen with participants.


Ask students to bring either a smart phone or tablet with a QR code reader to the session.


Facilitators should begin by opening the Facilitator Guide using the Augmented Reality QR code marker on the map. This will provide information and instructions to facilitate the session. A tablet (rather than mobile phone) is recommended for the guide so the information can be viewed more easily. 

A copy of the facilitator guide can also be downloaded below: