Using interactive simulations with relevant scenarios is an innovative way for supporting leadership roles and management with the help of the latest technologies available in the market.


Augmented Reality (AR) applications using mobile devices such as phones or tablets offer a more interactive and fun way for the learner to experience new concepts and take part in more realistic scenarios.

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With the advancement of technology and the decrease in cost for powerful devices that can handle 360 interactive videos and Virtual / Augmented reality, it is nowadays very easy to use technology for the enhancement of training and teaching.


The media created can be accessible not only from a computer (desktop or laptop) but also from other handheld devices such as tablets or mobile phones that either cost very little or that the user already owns.


Creation of Augmented Reality can be done either using specialised software packages or using plugins in development platforms or, for people that do not have programming experience, just by using a simple mobile phone application!


Learn what the latest technologies are for providing interactive tutorials for Leadership management.

Find out how you can create such resources, e.g. Augmented Reality applications.

Learn what the advantages of using such technologies are, compared to more traditional training methods.



Can be tailored to your workshop / class/ seminar.

Level of difficulty


Equipment needed

Mobile device (tablet or smart phone), AR creation software.


How does it work?

Learn what augmented reality is, how and where it is used and what the advantages and disadvantages of AR are.


Choose a scenario that can be used for teaching leadership using AR.


Decide on what information you would like to overlay onto the 'real world' (video, URL, photo, audio, 3D animation).


Read about the proposed AR resources proposed in the section below and/or other ones you may have used in the past or someone else recommended to you. Select a tool to use.


Download an app (software) on your phone or computer. See 'Tools' below.


Decide on the type of marker you will use. These can be real life objects or digital ones such as QR codes.


Create your AR scenario using the app and get feedback from a colleague or friend before making any necessary adjustments and using with your students or peers.