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Playful methodologies for leadership: Recognising that complex problem solving, creativity and emotional intelligence amongst others are key 21st Century Skills that can equip learners to be effective future leaders, the Coventry University Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) employs playful and experimental teaching methodologies, which focus on active, project-based and experiential learning while building on co-creativity and participatory techniques.


Co-creativity inspired by playful methodologies, such as the GameChangers’s Game Design Thinking technique and narrative development based on visual cues – towards enhancing emotional intelligence, using the GameChanger’s What is your story cards.


Being able to rethink and reuse the mechanics of play for creative thinking and strategy – from independently learning to team work, enhancing the following: 

-    Communication 
-    Direction
-    Creativity (of strategy, playfulness,)
-    Reflection and feedback (how to deliver and take critique) 

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Can be tailored to your workshop / class/ seminar.

Level of difficulty


Equipment needed

Flip chart, paper, post it note, pens


How does it work?

GameChangers’s Game Design Thinking technique

Understand the needs, context and audience
What are the key challenges you wish to address? What are the objectives/aims/goals? Who are your stakeholders? And in what context would your solution/intervention would be implemented?


Get inspired by existing play and gameplay
What play and game activities that you like most? List them out? What are the core mechanics of those activities? Are there any particular game and play strategies that you can think of? 

Map the different mechanics and use them as inspirations for the next step.


Map the needs and goals to the mechanics and strategy
How would you engage the stakeholders? Will certain strategies promote the aims and objectives you set out? What play and game activities that would develop certain actions, attitudes and/or behaviour?


Design your gameplan
Design and develop your strategy/solution/product/experiences that will address the challenges, achieve the goals and engage the stakeholders in the context that you set out in the beginning. Test your gameplan


Pitch your gameplan
Share your gameplan and get feedback from your peers.


Tools & Resources

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