Using interactive simulations with relevant scenarios is an innovative way for supporting leadership roles and management with the help of the latest technologies available in the market.

Virtual reality allows an immersive and interactive environment in which the learner can take part in virtual scenarios that resemble real-life situations. 

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A variety of cost-efficient headsets are available today that can be used for people to experience Virtual Reality using 360 videos.


The VR scenarios created can be accessible not only from a computer (desktop or laptop) but also from other handheld devices such as mobile phones that either cost very little or that the user already owns. Examples of devices are Google Cardboard, Samsung VR, and Oculus Go/Quest.


Creation of interactive VR scenarios can be done either using specialised software packages or using plugins in development platforms such as UNITY 3D for more realistic results.


Learn what the latest technologies are for providing interactive VR scenarios for Leadership management

Find out how you can create realistic and interactive VR scenarios

Learn what the advantages of using such technologies are, compared to more traditional training methods



Can be tailored to your workshop / class/ seminar.

Level of difficulty

Moderate to difficult

Equipment needed

360 camera, Unity or 360 editing software, VR headset

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How does it work?

Create an interactive VR scenario.


 Select the theme of the scenario you would like to create


Create a document with the scenario script, actors and learning objectives


Choose the VR creation tool to be used from the list below


Learn about how to use the tool by reading tutorials and watching videos from the resources below:


Unity Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q9wc9Y35wg

Cloud Pano Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4pAMApnOl8

Kuula Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFT7cIafsok




Create the VR scenario using either a free for public use video or by recording your own 360 video using a 360 camera. 



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A BBC guide to making 360 videos


Pro tool to create VR

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Software to create 360 VR tours


 Create & share 360 VR tours