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Modern Leadership Assessment and Feedback Methodology for Xtra-ordinary Leaders Toolkit


The aim of this toolkit, structured into two main parts – methodology and tools -, is to provide a tailored assessment and feedback methodology to evaluate modern leadership competences in line with short and long term organisational goals and mapped against the areas of the XRL training curriculum.


Digital Badge Design



Digital badges are credentials that symbolise learning achievements that can be at any level e.g.  knowledge, skills, certificates, diplomas, certifications or licences.
Each digital badge contains a set of metadata defined by the issuer about the knowledge and skills being recognised, and the accomplishments achieved. 


This Digital Badge Toolkit provides a method for designing digital badges for your organisation based upon the XRL curriculum. It also contains links to Digital Badge Platforms to enable you to create your digital badges.

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Inclusive Leadership

Self-Assessment Tool


This Inclusive Leadership Tool is designed to help new leaders consider practical ways they can use their leadership position to create more inclusive workplaces.


Part 1: contains a self-assessment to assist those new to leadership assess where they, and their organisation are now in terms of inclusion and diversity practices.


Part 2: contains an ‘Inclusion & Diversity Action Plan and Progress Sheet’ to log activities and actions that will create more inclusive teams and workplaces/ organisations.


This Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment Tool can be used on its own or as a complimentary activity to IO3-The XRL Inclusive Leadership AR/VR Workshop.